House smell like pets?

Today let’s talk a bit about keeping your home clean with pets. Okay, okay this is not the fun thing to always talk about, but I am sure it is a daily struggle for all of us pet owners. Constant shedding from almost every sort of cat and dog is bound to happen. From the day you welcome a new puppy or kitten into your home you know the task of keeping up after them is there.
Living in town and a lawn that wasn’t fenced in I knew I wasn’t going to have an outdoor dog. She had been indoor and had free reign with a lot of the house, apart from the spare bedrooms. I watched her like a hawk when I brought her home and for the first two days I was pretty good at reading her signs as to when she needed to go out. But I wasn’t always fast enough. There were the few mishaps that of course I was pretty diligent at cleaning up right away and making sure to spray the carpet or hard wood to dissuade her from going there again.
As the days, weeks and months go by your pet will probably be getting better at letting you know when they should go out and just about the time you feel you have a handle on it, BAM… the poor thing gets sick. Either using a new food modification or something that is causing your poor pet digestive issues, you now have another clean up scenario. Whether this means a rug spray or hardwood cleaning or it entails the full body suit clothes pin on the nose and rubber gloves to your elbows, then it’s gotta get cleaned up. Then there is the smell to contend with.
Finding the solution to work on your home to control the smell and cleaning can be difficult. Here are some things I do that seem to help a lot.
Spot Scrub.
Wherever the scene of the crime is that I start with spot scrubbing. Odor killing and stain removal for pets are the two biggest things I look for in a spot cleaner.
Baking Soda. If it’s my carpet I begin by sprinkling around the region and if the smell is still pretty bad I let the container in the area to absorb the smell. When I change them I scatter it in the base of their litter box and on the floor under the box. Baking soda and vinegar is an ideal stain remover when steam scrubbing and cleaning your carpet.

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Grooming and bathing your dog.
Oh yes the difference this makes in the smell of my home is remarkable! Especially as I was dealing with an allergy that made her skin have a terrible odor. Grooming was essential for my dog with allergies.
Vacuum daily.
I attempt to keep up with my vacuuming. I don’t always do it every day but I try to. In addition, I use baking soda before I vacuum and let it sit in the carpet about a half hour before running the sweeper.
Odor control room spray.
This one is a major one. I have a spray bottle of odor control spray to help freshen up the house especially before any visitors come.
Grant Valkaria Squirrel Removal can be a daunting task for a pet owner but we could never trade that for all the love and affection we get from our loving furry friends.

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